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NEWS... after a long break!  NOVEDADES... despues de un parate. The nouvelles Empty NEWS... after a long break! NOVEDADES... despues de un parate. The nouvelles

Post by KIKI on Wed Oct 20, 2010 3:05 pm

NOTE para Español espero que entiendan lo que dice el mensaje... cualquier cosa consulten aqui. El nuevo DT Hispano sera anunciado hoy en el blog.

Note pour le francophone... Je suis en train de traduire ce message et l'appliquer à l'avenir de notre équipe en français. Ne paniquez pas .... nous allons faire ce travail pour le meilleur! Plus il donnera le temps à ceux qui n'ont pas reçu leurs colis pour le moment. Nouveau terme commencera en Février 1st 2011 jusqu'au 31 Juillet 2011. avec le nouveau Blog fusionné. En attendant ... si vous obtenez vos produits envoyer moi des images que je puisse les mettre sur le blog.

Dear Friends!
Many of you know that since the Summer I have had some personal issues that have not allowed me to perform as I wanted. I am alone with to many tasks to complete and I got overwhelmed... And I am not just talking about KIKI ART, but my family overseas, some mild depression and my kids missing their dad. So... I have made a few decisions that I hope you will back me up with.

BLOG and DT Forum: the existent system of having 3 blogs (in English, FRENCH and Spanish) will be no more... I will merge the three in to one.
Why? Having three different teams to organize, send products too, set up schedules, challenges, etc has been a very difficult task and I want to simplify to make things more efficient. Now everything will be in English with a Translator to the side. And the Facebook pages (in English, French and Spanish) will replace the trilingual aspect of the company.

2. Deadlines and schedule: I have moved deadlines too many times and since this is the LAST time I will do it... I need to do it right. I want to have everything planned to the detail once I start. And when I start I want for every member of the ONLY KIKI ART team will have to be very enthusiastic and motivated, because they know where they stand by having fluent communication with me. If I fail in this... It will be the last time. Smile (but that WON’T HAPPEN!!)
How this will go about? I will continue keeping the existing ENGLISH BLOG by myself and with some help from you and guest designers until the end of the year. Then, we will go FULL SPEED starting the 1st of February next year. (everybody will be back from Holidays and CHA will be the kick of for this!!!)

3. Under-promising – over-delivering: Some of my silence and lack of communication has been because I don’t want to promise things that I don’t know I can offer and surprise you once I have things done. All the information that you have giving me for your images on the blog, texts, etc will be used and all the images of products, sketches will be used too.

4. BLOG Structure, Newsletter, Challenges, Sketches, Schedules: Everything I told you in the last e-mail referring to this still stands, it just gets delayed for me to be able to merge all three teams (English, French and Spanish) in to ONE.

5. New products:
TRADITIONALS with Christmas coming up and the slow down of the postal mail I am not sure if the new TRADITIONAL products (from Summer 2010) will get there in time for you... They should have been shipped a month ago for them to arrived in time. I will update you (at the end of the week) on this and the new products (Spring 2011) that will be presented in CHA 2011.

This week I will be offering the new DIGITAL Collection “5 pumpkins” on the new consumer site. YOU will get it for free but with NO obligation to work with since you haven’t had enough time and once you have told me how “comfortable” you are using DIGITAL products.
Some of you have sent me e-mails that I have not been able to reply yet... Sorry about that, if this message doesn’t answer it, feel free to ask more questions.

Since you haven’t even started your term and I haven’t send you the contract yet... Please let me know if this is ok with you and we will transfer your six months term to s when we start the regular postings and organization in the blog. (February 1st 2011 until July 31st 2011) Then I will send you the little contract to make it official.

Many thanks for your constant support and understanding,


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